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Alberto Coll


Armed with a solid academic knowledge by having completed a Bachelor of Commerce, a Postgraduate Degree in International Maritime Trade and a Masters of International Business (MIB) with over 21 years experience in International Logistics overseas and in Australia working for companies such as P&O Nedlloyd, Maersk Line, Skelton Tomkinson, JBS Australia and 20Cube, I formed LOBO; with a concrete idea that Logistics Services can be better, it is simple, you do a great job and you get paid for it, you treat your service providers and agents with respect and you service your clients promptly and with a hands on approach. No wasting time, sharp, precise, fast, that’s what is missing, let’s fix it, let’s move your cargo.

Part of my journey can be better appreciated visually in the gallery bellow:

names of places and companies used for reference purposes only.

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